SiM2 xTV

Ultrakurzdistanz Projektor
SIM2 LASER HYBRID Technology ultra-short throw projector (0.25:1) • 1920 x1080 pixel HDTV resolution • 1080p DLP® chipset by Texas Instruments • Brightness up to 2,900 ANSI Lumens • Adaptive Contrast • Typical LASER HYBRID lifetime estimated at around 20,000 hours • 3 x HDMI • Black, crystal glass surface • White crystal glass (special order)
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Turn any environment into premium image entertainment with SIM2xTV(1) . This new patented SIM2 model combines the large screen experience with the most discreet display device ever created for a fully immersive experience. SIM2xTV can be placed right up against any wall or vertical flat surface and cast your content into stunning detailed clarity up to a size of 110 inches from just a few cm/inches away..

SIM2xTV is the most unique of products, a beautifully engineered embodiment of a new way of thinking about creating the ‘big screen’ at home or in any other high-class environment. SIM2’s world-renowned R&D department has challenged itself to combine the latest technological advances, extraordinary design thinking, and top-class performance into a product that is unmistakably SIM2.

A special lens makes SIM2xTV highly adaptable to different environments, and gives it the ultimate flexibility in installation.

SIM2xTV sports a cabinet made of a special high-tech crystal-glass(2), subject to numerous patents, made specifically to enhance and optimize image performance.
SIM2xTV is an all-digital device using LASER hybrid illumination and DLP® picture technology to create images that are finely-tuned to reproduce the diversity of colors, up to 2,900 ANSI lumen light output, exceptional clarity and extended dynamics expected of a SIM2 product.

A perfect balance of beautiful design(3) and exceptional materials to satisfy the most refined tastes. SIM2xTV sports a uniquely sophisticated combination of modernity, elegance, traditional craftsmanship, and luxury. The finest materials create a new dimension in luxury for an eternally contemporary product by designer Giorgio Revoldini.
SIM2xTV has chosen a shape entirely made of crystal-glass(2), a pure and sustainable material capable of being recycled indefinitely. Its structure does not deteriorate through the recycling process.
Crystal-glass is also resistant to light and high/low temperatures, hence looking always brand new even after years of use. And, from a purely aesthetic point of view, crystal-glass is simply stunning. We are all drawn to it. It is synonymous with quality.

Technology 1 Chip DMD
Resolution Full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels)
Light source LASER (lifetime approx. 20.000 hours) Adaptive contrast
Brightness up to 2.900 Ansi lumens (in 2D mode)
3D Features active technology - DLP Link
Audible Noise <28dB (Eco Mode)
Picture Size 85” - 110”
Distance-Diagonal ratio 0.25:1 (from projecting lens - see examples below)
Distance-Diagonal ratio Examples:
Distance-Diagonal ratio Image Diagonal Dimension (16:9): 90"
Distance-Diagonal ratio Distance(4): 18,1 cm / 7.12"
Distance-Diagonal ratio Shift(5): 17.4 cm / 6.85"
Distance-Diagonal ratio Image Diagonal Dimension (16:9): 110"
Distance-Diagonal ratio Distance(4): 29.7 cm / 11.69"
Distance-Diagonal ratio Shift(5): 22.2 cm / 8.74"
Digital 3 x HDMI
Analog 1 x Composite Video (RCA)
Control 1 x miniUSB (B type - Service)
Control 1 x USB (A type - host mode)
Control 1 x RS232
Audio 1 x 3.5mm jack/stereo audio
Projector weight 13.5 Kg. (29.8 lbs)
Projector dimensions (WxHxD) 537 x 115 x 383 mm (21.1” x 4.5” x 15.1”)
Standard Cabinet(2) Color Black Crystal Glass(3) surface
Standard Remote Control
Standard Power Cord
Standard User Manual
Standard SIM2 crystal glass cleaning kit and gloves
Standard Fine tuning installation kit