Arcam Solo Muso (Silber)

2-Wege • Bass/Mitteltöner mit 125mm • 25mm (1In) Neodym Aluminiumkalotten-Hochtöner
Farbe Silber
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To complement Solo and other systems Arcam has designed the Muso loudspeaker. The Muso partners Solo units beautifully with discreet looks and stunning performance. The Muso enclosure is made from a clever combination of aluminium and steel components bonded together with the latest adhesive technology for the lowest possible resonance.

The Arcam Solo Music and Movie systems have redefined what can be achieved with an all-in-one system. Their unique combination of discrete styling, ease of use and stunning sound and picture quality have led to phenomenal success with thousands of delighted owners worldwide.

To complement Solo systems, Arcam offers the Muso / Logo speaker system. Designed with Solo systems firmly in mind, the Muso and Logo complement Solo beautifully with discreet looks and stunning performance. Construction uses the very latest techniques including combined aluminium / steel enclosures (Muso) and the very latest driver technology.

Offered in fully flexible combinations, the Muso two-way speaker offers a bass performance far beyond that of a typical “satellite” speaker, meaning it can be used as a simple stereo pair when placed close to a wall. With the addition of the Logo sub woofer, a full range system can be configured for stereo music or movie systems. However, it is in the full 5.1 combination where the Muso / Logo really shines, offering a dynamic performance that would put many a “big box” speaker to shame.

Systemdesign 2-Wege Bassreflex-Lautsprecher mit 4.0 Liter Innenvolumen
Systemdesign Das Gehäuse ist stabil aus Aluminiumguss aufgebaut
Treibereinheit Bass/Mitteltöner mit 125mm (5In) Membran. Proprietäre
Treibereinheit Papier-Zellstoffmembran, Druckgusskorb
Treibereinheit 25mm (1In) Neodym Aluminiumkalotten-Hochtöner
Nennausgangsleistung (max.) 80W
Frequenzbereich 70 bis 22.000Hz
Impedanz (Nennwert) 4 Ohm
Empfindlichkeit 83dB/W, gemessen bei 1m Abstand
Frequenzweiche Hochleistungsentwurf mit 6 Elementen, 2,5kHz, 12dB/Oktave
Empfohlene VerstärkerAusgangsleistung 100W
Anschlüsse 4mm, 5-polig, vergoldete Schraubklemmen
Oberfläche Silberfarbene
Abmessungen (B x H x T)(einschließlich Klemmen) 150 x 270 x 165mm
Nettogewicht 3,1 Kg