Trinnov 3D Mikrofon

Präzision Meßmikrofon
Trinnov 3D Measurement Probe
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The measurement microphone is one of the most critical components of a loudspeaker/room calibration system. Trinnov’s sophisticated algorithms not only rely on very accurate acoustic measurements but also on the ability to localize speakers positions and to detect early reflection provenance.

Trinnov’s 3D measurement microphone is the result of our extensive research in 3D sound. We invested a significant amount of time in order to design a tailored measurement system that could gather very precise information regarding spatial position of the sources. This is called triangulation. Each of the 4 omnidirectionnal capsules are placed at the exact same distance from each other, forming a tetrahedric pattern. This allows us to localize each speaker’s placement on both horizontal and vertical planes.

  • To achieve this challenge, the microphone consists of 4 capsules mounted at the top of thin brass tubes to avoid diffraction.
  • The capsules form a tetrahedron figure, ideal to identify distance, azimuth and elevation altogether.
  • To optimize spatial accuracy, all the capsules responses are analyzed and compared recursively to find the best possible matches of 4 and reach a spatial resolution below +/-2° in every direction.

The flat response is guaranteed by a rigorous quality control and FIR individual compensation filters.

  • Every single capsule mounted in Trinnov’s microphones is measured and compared to a benchmark.
  • The candidates go through a strict selection based on modulation response and background noise.
  • During the final stage, unique compensation files are generated and ensure a perfect consistency between capsules and microphones with a flat frequency response (within +/-0,1 dB) on the 20Hz-24kHz frequency range. Compensation files are available for download from our server or direct transfer over the network onto any Trinnov Processor.

Consequently, capsules are identified from 1 to 4 and the microphone cables are labelled accordingly. A led incorporated in the body of the microphone indicates the front of the microphone that should be pointed at the center of the soundstage before proceeding to a calibration.The microphone uses a standard 9V PP3 LR61 battery to power capsules and electronic.

The second purpose of the frond led is to indicate the battery level.

Since v8, Trinnov Microphones feature new built-in preamps, providing a better signal-to-noise ratio and therefore a more reliable calibration.