Audioquest William Tell SILVER BiWire 4,0m

Lautsprecher Kabel mit DBS Carbon
Nach Ihrer Bestellung kontaktieren wir Sie bzgl. Ausführung (Single Amp Bi-Wire/Multi Amp Bi-Wire)
und bzgl. Stecker-Konfiguration (Bananen/Spades).

Die neuen AudioQuest Folk Hero und Mythical Creatures Combo Lautsprecherkabel bestehen aus einem ZERO Kabel in Kombination mit einem speziellen BASS-Kabel in einer Bi-Wire Kabelanordnung mit überragender Leistungsfähigkeit. Sie haben die Wahl zwischen Bananen-Steckern oder Spades(Kabelschuhen) Serienmäßig sind Bananen-Stecker verbaut.

20% Solid PSS & 80% Solid PSC+ (Silver)
49% Solid LGC & 51% Solid PSC+ (Bass)
SABW = Single Amp Bi-Wire (mit William Tell BASS Kabel)
MABW = Multi Amp Bi-Wire (mit William Tell BASS Kabel)
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When possible, running separate cables to the treble and bass “halves” of a speaker considerably reduces distortion. BiWiring keeps the large magnetic fields associated with bass energy out of the treble cable, allowing the delicate upper frequencies to travel a less magnetically disturbed path, like taking the waves out of the water when you swim. The “Rocket” models of AQ speaker cable have two autonomous internal constructions, facilitating proper BiWiring within a single cable. The “Type” models of AQ speaker cable can be doubled-up, using one for treble and one for bass.

However, doubling-up AQ’s ZERO Technology cables can be less of an improvement because of ZERO’s unrestricted wide bandwidth – using two ZERO Full-Range cables can actually allow more RF energy into the amplifier, whereas using a BASS with GND Bass & Midrange cable in combination with a ZERO cable for Treble significantly reduces total RF Noise. The BASS cable’s patented Ground-Noise Dissipation (GND) drains RF energy away from the amplifier’s output. When properly implemented, BiWiring has always been a way to get better performance for the same or less money. With GND, the improvements from BiWiring are considerably more dramatic. William Tell BASS with GND is an ideal cable for the Bass and Midrange inputs of either a BiWireable or TriWireable loudspeaker when used in combination with William Tell ZERO or William Tell SILVER Full-Range cables.

Metal 20% Solid PSS & 80% Solid PSC+ (Silver)
Metal 49% Solid LGC & 51% Solid PSC+ (Bass)
Gauge 2 x 2.65mm2(Silver)2 x 2.65mm2 (Bass)
Geometry ZERO: (No) Characteristic Impedance for Uncompressed Current Transfer
Dielectric Foamed PE, Conductive PVC (Silver) & Foamed PE, Conductive
Noise-Dissipation System Multi-Layer Carbon-Based NDS (Silver) & Ground Noise-Dissipation (Bass)
Jacket Light Gray/Black Braid (Silver) & Black Poly & Nylon Braid (Bass)
Standard Plug AMP-Side: Choice of 1000 Series Multi-Spade, Banana, U-Spade or V-Spade (Silver Only)
Standard Plug SPEAKER-Side: Choice of 1000 Series Multi-Spade or Banana (Silver Only)