SiM2 Crystal 4

UHD HDR Projektor
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This new model offers a good brightness still higher than most of the 4K models of Sony, a very accurate focus adjustment (important for the small 4K pixel size), a unique cabinet that hides all the technology (no visible projection lens, no visible input connectors and cable). The DLP technology allows the projectors to perform after many years still as good as the first week (while this is not always true for the other technologies).

Informationen UHD resolution, commonly named 4K
Informationen DLP based technology (so a reliable projection technology  compared to SXRD or LCOS or LCD)
Informationen HDR processing
Informationen Brightness: more than 2,500 lumen
Informationen very elegant "all crystal glass" cabinet WITHOUT visible technology ( *: see here below)
Informationen Throw Ratio  about 1,4-2,0:1
Informationen Super High precision focus of of the lens,   for a very accurate focus adjustment of the  small pixels (4K)
Informationen Vertical shift (manual)
Informationen The projection lens is manual for zoom,  focus and vertical shift.
Größe Dimensions: Length 450 x Depth 420 x Height 151 mm, excluding feet;  Feet are 30 mm high with "crystall glass looking"
Gewicht Weight: 17 kg