Russound KNX / RIO Gateway; ermöglicht KNX-Steuerung von Russound Controllern, die das RIO-Protokoll unterstützen 1 KNX RIO-1 steuert bis 2 Controller (max16 Zonen / 8 Quellen)
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Russound KNX to RIO Gateway KNX-RIO-1

The Russound KNX-RIO-1 Gateway is a device that allows KNX panels and keypads to operate Russound controller amplifiers that support the RIO protocol. The KNX-RIO-1 gateway supports control for up to 16 zones.

The KNX-RIO-1 can be configured in the standard KNX ETS Software program to perform a number of control functions, including basic Zone control and basic Source control. The KNX-RIO-1 also supported metadata feedback for those sources that support metadata (i.e. Russound Streamers) and KNX keypads and panels that can display the metadata.

The Russound KNX-RIO-1 has standard KNX Bus connections and two LED lights both Red and Green to indicate connection status and programming download status. There is an Ethernet connection for the KNX-RIO-1 to be connected to the local LAN and standard Ethernet connection status lights for that connection. The KNX-RIO-1 is installed on 35mm DIN Rails and is powered by the power supply for the DIN Rail.

Standard Features
- Allows KNX keypads and panels to operate Russound controllers via RIO protocol
- Connection to the local LAN for IP control
- Supports up to 16 zones and 8 sources
- Supports up to 32 System Favorites
- Supports Source Metadata - Source Name, Channel, Playlist, Artist and Song Title
- Standard KNX bus connection
- LED indicators for programming status and connection status
- Standard connection to DIN rail for power and ease of installation