SVSound PB-4000 (Esche Schwarz)

  • 13.5” (34,3 cm) Treiber
  • Class D, mit 1200 Watt RMS (4000+ Watt Peak)
  • Frequenzgang: 13-200 Hz ± 3 dB (extended mode)
  • Abmessungen in cm: mit Grill 59,8 (H) x 52,0 (B) x 76,3 (T)
  • Gewicht: 69,5 KG
  • Farbe Esche Schwarz
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    Geschäft: 2-4 Tage
    3.049,00 € / Stk.
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    Thunderous low frequency output and extreme deep bass extension, with accuracy and control, the PB-4000 is a benchmark setting subwoofer on every level with unheard-of performance and features for even double the price. The sophisticated DSP amplifier creates three port tuning modes, each with individual response curves to achieve the most accurate in-room frequency response possible. With the PB-4000, it’s like having three subwoofers in one. Effortlessly powerful with bass that extends far below the threshold of human hearing, the PB-4000 creates a revelatory experience with every movie and music listening session.