Vienna Acoustics KLIMT-Serie "THE MUSIC"

3-Wege: 3x 221 mm Woofer, 1x 180 mm Mitteltöner, 1x 130 mm Tweeter • Sensitivity: 91 dB • Impedance: 4 Ohms • Recommended Power: 50 – 500 Watts
Versand: 2-4 Tage
Geschäft: 3-6 Tage
12.400,00 € / Stk.
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“To the age its art, to art its freedom” These are the words above the entry of the famous Secession in Vienna´s city center. From its beginning, the most significant contributor and father, Gustav Klimt became forever immortalized into the art fabric that is Vienna. Passion, innovation and harmony are only a few of the words that evoke Klimt and his art.

The Music represents an entirely new way of producing music. Built around our revolutionary patented Flat-Spider-Cone midrange, we mount a beautifully hand crafted silk dome tweeter. To produce the air above and bass below this Music Center, we have employed the Murata Super-Tweeter and (3) 23cm proprietary X3P Spider-Cone woofers.

System type 3-way system, employing integrated subwoofers
Frequency response 22 - 100.000 Hz
Bass drivers 3 x 9" Vienna Acoustics Spidercones, manufactured by
Bass drivers Eton Germany
Midrange Coax driver 1 x 7" Vienna Acoustics Flat-Spider, 1 x 1" , handcoated
Midrange Coax driver vented neodym- magnet powered silk dome,
Midrange Coax driver manufactured by Eton Germany
Supertweeter 0,5" Murata
Sensitivity 91 dB
Impedance 4 ohms
Recommended power amplifiers from 50 to 500 watts
Weight per speaker 180 Ibs. / 82 kg
Dimensions (WxHxD) 10.75 x 50.98 x 24.80 inches
Dimensions (WxHxD) 273 x 1295 x 630 mm