Vienna Acoustics LISZT Imperial Serie (Rosenholz) Paar

3-Wege: 3x 179 mm Woofer, 1x 152 mm Mitteltöner, 1x 30 mm Tweeter • Sensitivity: 91 dB • Impedance: 4 Ohms • Recommended Power: 50 – 400 Watts
Farbe Rosenholz
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LISZT is the result of a many year development project working to further advance our patented Flat-Spider-Cone™ coincident driver system first used in our flagship model, The Music, as well as throughout the rest of the Klimt Series™.

The heart of this new driver system is our all new midrange unit. In the Liszt we employ a 15 cm flat driver gaining structural rigidity from its twelve large 16 mm reinforcement ribs and the use of our self damping X3P polymer material that is further strengthened with glass fibers. The result of this proprietary and patented technology is not only unparalleled stiffness with true piston-like behaviour, but the rib construction is also ultra-light weight resulting in ultra-fast transient response and resolution. Further strengthening immediate response is the huge high-force Neodymium magnet assembly, whereby the whole motor assembly is built around a massive 50 mm voice coil.
Installed within a perfectly time aligned position in the center of the new midrange driver is our new Vienna Acoustics designed, neodymium motor, hand coated silk dome tweeter. With over two years of development, this new tweeter is our best upper frequency driver to date. Starting with our great tweeter from our Concert Grand Series™, we worked with ScanSpeak to create a better driver using a neodymium motor while maintaining the anti-compression airflow and air guiding behind the dome. The results are greater extension, as well as power handling resulting in the most seamless integration with the midrange.

This second-to-none driver was solely developed by Vienna Acoustics, and is skillfully manufactured by ScanSpeak. Bass is handled via three proprietary VA Spider-Cone woofers mounted in two separately tuned cabinets. The results are tremendous bass extension with midrange speed and liquidity. As all of our designs, the Imperial utilizes custom inhouse designed speaker terminals in a single-wire configuration. All crossover components are within our specified 1% or better tolerances with a final matching to the reference speaker of .3 db. Special care has been taken to a layout separating coils out of strayfield distance as well as shortest signal path configuration to perfect naturalness.

Impendence 4 Ohms
Frequency Response 26 Hz – 25 kHz
Sensitivity 91 dB
Recommended Amplifier Size 50 – 400 Watts
Tweeter 1.2” Handcrafted, Hand Coated Neodymium Center Vented Silk Dome
Midrange (1) 6” Flat-Spider-Cone™, High-Power Neodymium Motor
Woofers (3) 7” X3P Spider-Cone™
Bass System Bass Reflex
Bass Function Impulse Optimizing QB 3 (Quasi-Butterworth)
Crossover System Three-way. 6dB and 12dB Bessel
Crossover Components MKP Capacitor 1% Tolerance Air Coils 0.7% tol.
Metal Film Resistors 1% tol. Inductance Free
Weight per Pair 198 lbs / 88 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D) inches 10.5” x 49.25” 17.25” with base assembly
Dimensions (W x H x D) mm 267 mm x 1250 mm x 435 mm