Amina AIW-3

Unsichtbarer Einbaulautsprecher für Wand- und Deckeneinbau. Tapezierbar, überstreichbar und verputzbar.
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    The Amina® AIW3 concealed audio source can be applied in all locations where high performance reproduction is required to achieve highly dynamic, high sound pressure (i.e. very loud) levels. This includes high quality home theatre installations right through to high performance commercial installations in public buildings (restaurants, bars, retails malls, conference rooms).

    The Amina® AIW3 Plaster In-Wall Loudspeaker is the world’s first high performance loudspeaker that is designed to be skimmed over with 2mm of normal finishing plaster, providing a completely concealed audio solution whilst allowing designers and builders a very high quality wall finish ready to accept a decoration of choice (paint, paper, textured plaster etc).

    The product can also be used within special rooms such as curved spaces, and once plastered in become completely ‘invisible’ to humidity and other solvents. It is therefore ideal for wet areas such as pools and bathrooms, and for clean rooms where walls and ceilings need to be regularly washed or wiped down.

    The Amina® AIW3 Plaster In-Wall loudspeaker comprises a specialist lightweight yet very rugged composite panel material, the surface of which, after receiving a 2mm skim of plaster, vibrates to generate acoustic energy. However this type of product has also been very specifically engineered to have a rigid perimeter panel section to ensure no possibility of cracks forming in the surface plasterwork between the product and the surrounding wall structure.

    At the heart of the Amina® AIW3 is its acoustic 'engine' using four of the very latest rare earth magnet, high power vibrational excitation drivers, allowing it to handle an incredible 80W of continuous power. Generating a massive 105dB of sound (measured 1m away), even after plaster is applied, the AIW3 has the ability to cope with the most dynamic of sounds, from individual notes of the classical guitar to the giant explosions in a modern action movie. The excitation drivers set up tiny but powerful vibrations, (you can feel them, but you cannot see them) in the panel. These are then transferred through the plaster, paint or wallpaper that is placed on top of it, which then excite air molecules at the surface of the wall, which in turn excite other air molecules until the sound reaches our ears. The rigidly held perimeter of the panel means that the vibrations cannot cause cracking around the edge of the product.

    Operating in the same way as natural musical instruments such as the acoustic guitar, violin or piano, these vibrations recreate sounds far more evenly and less directional than a conventional cone based speaker. This creates a very wide area in which the surround sound or stereo sound field is heard properly, even when seated right against the active wall.

    The width of the product (345mm) allows it to fit well within 400mm centred wood or metal stud-work commonly used today in walls and ceilings. However, for special cases (for example for setting in the plaster work between old wooden ceiling beams in heritage properties), narrower units can be made to order. Please contact Amina for details.

    The product is supplied with fixings for easy installation into plasterboard stud walls and ceilings and for dot and dab plasterboard faced walls. The product is fixed to the plasterboard and not to any rear wall structure or studwork. These fixings are fixed with two dry wall screws to the surrounding plasterboard (see installation review), and set all the levels required to ensure the panel sits flush with the front of the plasterboard. In solid block, brick or concrete walls, a metal back box is available to ease the installation process.

    A powered sub woofer is recommended for applications requiring low bass frequencies. For the very best results, your system electronics should comprise in-line equalisation to enable 'voicing' of the completed room.

    The core element of an Amina Plaster In-wall loudspeaker comprises a specialist lightweight, yet very
    strong composite panel material, which vibrates in the same way as the bodies of natural musical instruments (for example the acoustic guitar, violin or piano). These vibrations recreate a diffuse source of sound energy which is emitted in a far less directional manner and one capable of filling a space far more evenly than a conventional loudspeaker. This diffuse source creates a high definition sound field over a very wide area ensuring that surround sound or a stereo sound field is heard whatever the room, and wherever the listening position.

    The beating heart of an Amina Plaster In-wall loudspeaker is its acoustic ‘engine’, using the very latest rare earth magnet based, high power vibrational
    excitation driver(s) (one in the case of the AIW1, and four in the case of the AIW3).

    This allows the AIW3 to handle an incredible 80W of continuous power,
    generating a massive 105dB of sound with plaster applied. The AIW range copes with the most dynamic of sounds, recreating the clarity of individual notes produced by the classical guitar, to the impressive effects generated in modern action movies.

    The acoustic engine sets up tiny, but powerful vibrations (you can feel them but cannot see them) in the specialist
    composite panel material, which are then transferred through the plaster, paint or wallpaper to the very front surface of the wall or ceiling. This in turn vibrates air molecules at its boundary, which then excites more
    air molecules further away, sending a diffuse, non correlated energy sound wave out into the room.


    Specifications: AIW3
     Nominal Impedance * :    8 ohms
     Power Handling (Continuous):  40W (when brick wall filtered at 150Hz)
     Sensitivity (with 1.5mm plaster skim):  84dB 1m / 1W
     Maximum SPL (with 1.5mm plaster skim):  99dB 1m / 40W
     Frequency Range:  100Hz ~ 20KHz
     Dispersion Angle:  180°
     Electrical Connection:  Professional butt splice crimp for permanent connection
     Dimensions  450 x 345 x 40 mm
     Product Weight:  1175g
     Minimum Aperture Depth:  60mm from front of panel
     Fixings Provided :  Suitable for 12.5mm thick plasterboard. Please state if other sizes required.
     Box Quantity :  Pairs
     High Pass Filter Requirement:  100Hz at 24dB / Octave (Minimum external required e.g. Amina AF2 active filter)