Stewart Director´s Choice

Rahmenleinwand mit Maskierung
Rahmenleinwand mit Maskierung
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    For the enthusiast that wants the ultimate viewing experience, Stewart makes screens that allow you to adjust to any aspect ratio. Individually controlled masking panels allow you to use all standard aspect ratios in use anywhere, or use the masking panels to adjust the image to your personal preference. Never again will you cope with cropping and distracting black stripes. Director’s Choice is the ultimate marriage of the world’s finest screen and the most precise masking system ever. Now you can enjoy the same quality picture that is preferred by Film and TV Directors all over the world.


    The Directors Choice is available with any of Stewart’s front or rear projection materials A specialized snap-fastening system ensures a smooth and completely flat screen surface. Our exclusive VeLux™ applique finish absorbs over-scan and increases perceived contrast.


    Stewart Filmscreen is synonymous for superior quality, custom craftsmanship and excellent customer service. Since every Stewart product is handcrafted, custom sizes and configurations are easily accommodated.

    Invest in quality craftsmanship and your screen will last you through a lifetime of technology. Contact the Stewart representative in your area today for more information on how to get a Stewart Filmscreen made especially for you!

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