Trinnov Altitude16-16 HDMI (Schwarz)

High-End AV-Prozessor

16 Balanced XLR outputs • 4 S/PDIF outputs (optical/coax) • 4 S/PDIF inputs (optical/coax) • 1 stereo XLR / 1 stereo RCA analog input • Discrete 7.3.6 or 9.3.4 immersive sound (2 more Subs) • 7.2.4 with screen bi-amp • 5.1.4 with screen tri-amp • Discrete 9.1.6 immersive sound
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Trinnov Altitude 16 - the getaway to genuine, immersive cinema at home

Following in the tradition of the groundbreaking Altitude32 processor, the Altitude16 brings Trinnov’s award-winning Speaker/Room Optimizer technology, immersive audio capabilities, active crossovers, and unmatched bass management flexibility to a new, slightly smaller form factor with tremendous value.

IMMERSIVE AUDIO DECODERSDolby Atmos™ (16 discretely-rendered channels).Auro-3D™ (supports Auro’s full 13.1 layout).DTS:X™ (all configurations of its 11.1 format).

TRINNOV SPEAKER/ROOM OPTIMIZERTrinnov’s exclusive Speaker/Room Optimizer.Calibration wizard for initial setup & calibration.Process high-resolution 24/96 audio.Four-way active crossovers & unlimited subwoofers.Ready for audio over IP

HIGHEST SPATIAL RESOLUTIONOnly Trinnov has the capability of rendering Atmos-encoded audio objects to more than 11.1 channels. The addition of Wide and Top Middle channels takes 9.1.6 to an entirely different level of immersion and imaging specificity than can be achieved with current DSP chips, all of which max out at either 7.1.4 or 9.1.2.

Trinnov Optimizer

The most advanced and powerful technology of its kind.Our research into capturing and reproducing complex three-dimensional sound fields began in 2001.In fact, the company name derives from “Tri” and “Innovation.” Hence,Trinnov Audio has meant “Innovation in 3D Audio” from when we first incorporated in 2003.One of the first things we discovered in our research is that complex 3D sound fields do not blend together seamlessly unless the sound heard from all of the speakers is extremely well-matched in both the amplitude and time domains.Our Optimizer was developed to achieve this goal with any combination of quality loudspeakers and has become recognized as the most advanced and powerful technology of its kind.