SiM2 Sirio 2 (Schwarz)

Full HD DLP 3D Projektor
High brightness single-chip 3D(*) 1080p DLP®-based projector (1920x1080 pixels) DarkChip chipset • Perfect Fit zoom, focus, and lens shift memory feature (lens-free 2.40:1) • light output up to 7,000 ANSI Lumens • Contrast ratio up to 8000:1 • 2 x 350W Lamp • Choice of 3 lenses. • SIM2 Live Colors Calibration 2 software • AUTOCAL probe • SIM2 DynamicBlack • PureMovie, PureAction and PureAction3D(*) modes • 10 Bit video processing • Comprehensive choice of inputs, including 2 x HDMI • Advance connectivity: Full Remote Monitoring and Software Upgrade • Cabinet Color: Matte Black
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High brightness single-chip DLP projector

Engineered for the most demanding installations, SIRIO 2 brings a balanced approach to high brightness projection, with a quality of picture that rivals that of the best projectors in its category.
Designed to be used with large screen sizes or in brightly-lit light room conditions, where high light output is a necessity, SIRIO 2's optical elements maximize light output (7,000 Ansi Lumens) from its dual high power UHP lamps (2x 350W).
This star performer that has the power and clarity to satisfy the most demanding viewer and the ability to deliver bright, rich images in real-world lighting conditions.

SIRIO 2 features an optional Calibration probe interfaced with the projector’s built-in processing electronics that allows (through refined feedback algorithms) a real time reaction to the environmental conditions.
SIRIO 2 advanced connectivity: Full Monitoring and Software Upgrade - through a dedicated IP address and a port, service centers can connect with the projector, which will in-turn communicate back a parameter list (i.e. Serial Number, Firmware version, lamp hours used, selected input and resolution, image settings etc.).
The service center will have the capability to evaluate a reported issue with the projector and make the necessary adjustments (where possible) to rectify the issue - remotely.

SIRIO 2 also utilizes full 10 Bit video processing, with high definition scaling and de-interlacing capabilities, to create the highest video images quality from all sources (including 3D).
SIRIO 2 comes with SIM2’s Perfect Fit zoom, focus and lens shift memory feature (lens-free 2,40:1).
SIM2's SIRIO 2 sports PureMovie, PureAction, and PureAction 3D (*) modes - each optimized for the various demands of movie, sports and 3D viewing – and SIM2’s Live Colors Calibration 2 software that enables complete adjustment of the primary, secondary and white point color coordinates of the projector.

DLP® Type Single-Chip DMDs 1080p
Resolution 1920x1080 pixels
3D Features (1)
Brightness (2) up to 7,000 ANSI Lumens
Contrast ratio up to 8,000:1
Special features SIM2 Dynamic Black technology
Special features Perfect Fit technology (3)
Special features PureAction 2D/3D for fast action materials
Special features PureMovie 2D
Lamp power 2 x 350W Lamp
Lamp life expectancy (4) 2.000 hours typical in standard power mode; 2.500 hours in ECO mode
Lenses Throw ratio M0 lens 0.77:1 (fixed)
Lenses Throw ratio M1 lens 1.21-1.45:1
Lenses Throw ratio M2 lens (standard lens) 1.45-1.93:1
Lenses Throw ratio M3 lens 1.93-3.67:1
Zoom adjustment motorized
Focus adjustment motorized
Optical shift Vertical +60% / -60% motorized
Optical shift Horizontal +10% / -10% motorized
Optical shift Digital keystone adjustment (for 2D and 3D 1080p24 modes)
Picture size (inches diagonal) 30-500 inches
Aspect ratio 4:3, 16:9 Anamorphic, LetterBox, Panoramic, Subtitle, Pixel to Pixel + 3 custom-user adjustments
Horizontal & vertical scan freq. 15-120kHz/48-100Hz, 24Hz@1080p
SDTV PAL (B,G,H,I,M,N,60); SECAM; NTSC autom. selected
HDTV 480p, 720p 50/60, 1080i 50/60, 1080p 24/50/60 + 576p
PC graphic standard VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, UXGA, WUXGA 10 bit Full Channel Signal Board Video Processing
Digital 2 x HDMI-HDCP vers. 1.4a
Analog 1 x Graphic RGBVH (VGA-UXGA) (D-sub 15 pin)
Analog 1 x Component - Analog YPbPr/RGBs/RGBHV (RCA)
Analog 1 x Composite Video
Control 1 x 3 pin MiniDIN (VESA STD) 3D Sync Out connector
Control 1 x RJ45 LAN
Control 1 x RS232 (D-sub 9 pin)
Control 1 x USB connector Remote Control Port (Host Mode Only)
Control IR Receiver for Remote Control
Miscellaneous 3 x 12V 100mA output (via Jack) for On/Off Screen control 16:9/4:3, Anamorphic Lens
Miscellaneous 2 x 7-segment Displays for Status indications
Miscellaneous 8 keys keypad
Software control upgradable via RS232, serial interface or USB
Mains voltage range 100-240 +/-10% (48/62 Hz), standard DIN power connector
Power consumption maximum dual lamp operation: 900 W
Power consumption maximum single lamp operation: 460 W
Power consumption maximum when lamp cooling: 33W
Power consumption stand-by: less than 1W
Projector dimensions (WxHxD) 464 x 241 x 564 mm
Projector Weight 27 Kg
Packaging dimensions (WxHxD) 564 x 341 x 664 mm
Packaging weight 32 Kg
Supplied Installation and User Manual
Supplied AC power cords (2m - 6.6 ft)
Supplied Backlit remote control and batteries
Supplied Live Colors Calibration software 2.0
Supplied RS232 Adapter Cable; USB Wi-Fi adapter