Vienna Acoustics PRINCIPAL Grand subwoofer (Rosenholz)

50mm Woofer • Amplifier: 300 Watts
Farbe Rosenholz
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All at once the possibilities of music, space and naturalness find its way into our newest product – Principal Grand.

Why Principal? Strength, power and beauty: principal refers technically to the most pure of sounds from an organ; that which is not an imitation of other instruments. Following with this traditional definition, the Principal Grand subwoofer should never be confused with a woofer but rather is built as an example of the truest form of Sub-Woofer. Properly designed loudspeakers already have woofers. The Principal Grand subwoofer is designed to add the last octave of bass reinforcement below traditional woofers allowing for a greater sense of space and focus. Of course in home theater applications this also means the visceral experience the sound editors originally created and which are only now being realized with the latest high resolution multi-channel audio and video formats.

The creation of this newest product rests on tried and true philosophies. The driver is first. Working very closely with the Danish manufacturer ScanSpeak, we have created an all new proprietary 12” driver. This new hand crafted and made in Denmark driver delivers tremendous power while still having the finesse and speed necessary to properly integrate with our loudspeakers.

To control this driver we have sourced a beautifully constructed, two piece electronics package. The amplifier is of course extremely powerful offering a conservative 300watts. To maintain absolute control, all controls and the filter network is mounted in a completely separate enclosure beautifully hidden from view below the subwoofer itself. Lastly, and most obviously, the cabinet. As with all of our fine cabinets, only the finest in hand crafting from Northern Italy is accepted. Whether piano black or white, or either of our specially sourced wood veneers: cherry, maple or rosewood, we only select the finest. Strength, power and beauty.

Bass System Bass-Reflex Design – Bottom vented
Bass System (requires 25mm/1” to 50mm/2” from vent
Bass System to floor)
Frequency Response 20Hz – 100 Hz
Driver Design Proprietary Pulp-Paper Carbon filled cone
Driver Design manufactured by ScanSpeak, designed by
Driver Design Vienna Acoustics
Amplifier 300 Watts
Amplifier SMD Technology
Inputs (2) High-Level (~1,000Ω)
Inputs (2) Line-Level via Phono (RCA) – Plugs
Controls Power on/Standby (standby <1watt)
Controls 0° - 180° Phase switch
Controls Variable crossover control
Controls Variable gain control
Weight 26kg / 58lbs
Dimensions (w x h x d) 385mm/15.25” x 495mm/19.5” x
Dimensions (w x h x d) 385mm/15.25” (including spikes)